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A one-of a kind Micro-Saving & Investment Account akin to the familiar Piggy Bank  / Gulak / Uṇṭiyal

Acru is your Digital Piggy Bank where you accumulate the loose change of your digital financial transaction which is then periodically invested into mutual fund accounts of your choice

How it works

Each time you execute a financial transaction digitally through your mobile which could be a payment for a purchase (online or offline), a utility payment or a remittance, Acru accumulates the “loose change” to your virtual account based on a pre-defined (defined by you) Round-off Principle;

You define the rounding-off algorithm – which could be 2%, 5% or 10% of the transaction value or a minimum deposit either daily or weekly or monthly starting from INR 100

For e.g. If you pay a vendor bill value of INR 447, round-off algorithm will allocate, say 10% of the payment i.e. INR 45 to your Virtual Account.

You also define the minimum investment amount of either INR 100, 500, 1000 or 3000; as and when the Virtual Account accumulates a balance of this defined minimum investment amount, Acru automatically transfers the amount to your predefined Mutual Fund using the Unified Payment Interface App (UPI App – either BHIM, PhonePe, etc.) installed on your phone.

How is Acru different

Make automatic daily, weekly or monthly investments, at your convenience and on the go. 

Acru allows you the flexibility to choose when and what amounts you want to save with no fixed commitments; it allows you to save small amounts and seamlessly invest them into Mutual Funds which suit your risk profile.   

You could also make Lump sum investments through the platform into your chosen Mutual Funds

We at Acru are committed to your Financial Wellness and bring you simple, seamless, online solutions for your financial well-being