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Want Flexibility in Investing ?
Acru provides you the flexibility to invest any amount, any time on the go.
Invest Easy
Track and redeem your investments easily
Do not know where and how to invest
You can now invest as low as INR 100 into funds suited to your risk profile

Our Mission - Financial Wellness for All

Access to financial products & services through innovative digital platforms

Acru embarks on this Mission with the first of its kind platform for Micro-Investing; making investing accessible and easy for everyone, including the un-initiated. Acru facilitates participation in savings & investment products offered by SEBI registered Mutual Funds in India

Acru looks to remove the larger mental barrier of “I do not have enough moneys to invest”; we believe that no sum is small for savings or investments and our innovative online (mobile only) platform facilitates channelizing your savings however small into mutual funds of your choice.