ACRU assists you in your

Financial Wellness journey

accumulate small change & make it work for you, save for a goal, invest, and many more

Financial Wellness for All

“I don’t look to jump over seven-foot bars; I look around for one-foot bars that I can step over.” — Warren Buffett

Save as you Spend

ACRU’s unique accumulation solution allows you to set aside loose change every time you spend.

Accumulating Moneys

ACRU allows you to save moneys with NO mandated fixed amounts or dates.

First-of-its-kind platform

ACRU makes saving and investments accessible and easy for everyone; update your profile & you are ready.

Micro-Saving & Investment

ACRU removes the mental barrier of “not enough moneys” - no sum is small for savings or investments.

Differentiated approach to Democratize Wealth Management for the Next Billion 

“If you save money, put it in your piggy bank or put it in your savings account, but put it somewhere. I don’t care where you put it. But make it tangible.” – Dee Lee

Piggy Bank

A gamified way to accumulate small change from your digital spends in your Digital Piggy Bank

Flexibility & Convenience

Set-up your Digital Piggy
Bank and accumulate moneys
however small, daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you can

Completely Digital

ACRU’s solution for your Financial Wellness is simple, seamless, online from sign-up to KYC to saving to investing.

Digital Gold

At the click of a button buy, self, gift or take delivery of 24 karat, 99.99% pure gold (guaranteed by MMTC-PAMP)

Saving for the Future

Investment into financial products of your choice - mutual funds, pension funds, bank deposits, insurance

Save for a Goal

You could set-up goals on
ACRU to enable you to save for a specific purpose – purchase of a mobile phone for a gift, etc.

How it works

Remember the good old childhood days of saving pennies in your piggy bank? Wasn't it fun? ACRU is simply its digital / grown-up version

Each time you make a payment whether through net banking, credit or debit card or UPI, online or offline, based on your pre-defined round-up principle, ACRU’s algorithm accumulates the “loose change” to your Piggy Bank

For e.g. If you pay a vendor INR 447, and if your accumulation rule is to round-up to the nearest INR 100,  INR 53 would be credited to your Piggy Bank & invested into a liquid mutual fund

Moneys accumulated in the Piggy Bank can be redeemed by you for any purpose including for a goal, both financial & non-financial.

You could set-up your round-up algorithm to transfer the ”loose change” to your Digital Gold Account as well

You also define the minimum investment amount of either INR 100, 500, 1000 or 3000; as and when the Virtual Account accumulates a balance of this defined minimum investment amount, 

Acru automatically transfers the amount to your predefined Mutual Fund using the Unified Payment Interface App (UPI App – either BHIM, PhonePe, etc.) installed on your phone.

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Micro-investing is when you invest small amounts of money regularly

3 Simple Steps & you are good to go

Step – 1
Download the App on your phone.
Step – 2
Step – 3
Complete your profile & begin your financial wellness journey

Acru is a Financial Wellness mobile only platform. It is a one-of a kind Micro-Saving & Investment Account akin to the familiar Piggy Bank  / Gulak / Uṇṭiyal. It enables an user to open an investment account electronically for investments into mutual fund schemes of the leading Asset Management Companies (AMCs) registered with SEBI.

The money that you invest or redeem through the Acru platform are directly credited to the respective Mutual Fund Accounts and no money is routed through or credited into Acru’s bank accounts.  The AMCs confirm the receipt or payment of the money as well as the transaction through SMS and email attaching the Statement of Account (SOA) directly to the user.  The transaction details are also made available to the user on the app.

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A penny saved is a penny earned

Earn money while you shop

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